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14 Fun Facts on the Crossroads Refurbishing Project

Whatever good things we build end up building us. -Jim Rohn

Have you stopped by Eden Autism’s Crossroads Employment Center lately? If you have, you were sure to notice that our facilities team has been hard at work making some exciting upgrades to the interior of the building.

Crossroads is located in Hamilton, NJ and is one of our most active locations. On a daily basis, the facility will see 65 of Eden’s adult participants and over 50 staff member access the space. A large number of our adult population will use the building as a transfer point where they will meet up with their job coaches and travel out into the greater Mercer County area for their individual job placements. Other individuals will use the day and employment center for in-center micro-businesses including our bracelet and candle making ventures, recreation and exercise, therapy, or to work on developing their individual communication and job skills.


With Crossroads being such an active location, the facilities team at Eden began to notice some normal wear and tear taking place and came up with a plan to make some improvements. Major refurbishments to some of our most active spaces in the building began in late December and were completed this month.

Here are some Fun Facts on Crossroads recent transformation:

  • 794 square yards of carpeting removed
  • 7020 square feet of new commercial vinyl tile installed in high traffic areas
  • 1560 linear feet of vinyl cover base and corner guards installed
  • 64 yards of walk off mats installed by front and rear entrances and exits
  • 14,000 square feet of walls painted (paid for by the Eden Parent Raffle Committee)
  • 50 gallons of paint used to cover 9 program rooms, 2 common areas and all hallways
  • 6 painters and 7 floor installers worked for 7 days to paint the interior of the building working mostly at night and on weekends
  • 1 new set of bathroom stalls
  • 8 pieces of new artwork hung on the walls