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What do you mean by a Learning Management System? Is this something I download? ELMS is a web-based, interactive software tool designed to support teachers and therapists working with students with autism. It helps you assess a child’s current status, plan lessons for the child, collect data and analyze the child’s ongoing progress toward IEP goals. The learning management system incorporates Eden’s highly regarded assessment guide and PreK-12 curriculum, which is proven nearly 40 years of practice and fully compliant with Common Core Standards.  ELMS is delivered via the Internet, safely and securely, meeting or exceeding all requirements for FERPA compliance. There is no downloading of software involved, and you can use any web-enabled device with an HTML5 browser.

Why would I use a web-based version of your curriculum rather than print? As a web-based software tool, Eden’s Learning Management System incorporates a wide range of features that can help you to be more efficient and effective in your work.

  • Assessment Identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses in essential skill areas
  • Assists with goal selection
  • Recommends teaching protocol with a programmatic planning guide using Eden’s PreK-12 curriculum
  • Reduces unnecessary paperwork and repetitive tasks
  • Provides real-time collection of data, graphing and reporting on student progress
  • Easily Keeps everyone working with the student on the same page, including the Parents

How does the subscription model work? ELMS is delivered via the Internet. We provide you with a secure site that is FERPA-compliant to keep each of your student’s records safe. You can access your student’s records anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. It also means that we have an opportunity to keep adding new features and functionality to the software, which you’ll be able to use. The software will continue to expand, and you’ll get the benefit. It’s all part of the subscription. In addition, all support and training is included in the subscription. As you add new staff, they can attend one of our monthly training sessions to see the latest developments and refresh any skills they need in utilizing the software.

Can I see a demo? Yes, we are happy to show you how it works. Simply, call our office at 609-987-0099 to make an appointment. We also have a short video that you can watch at:

 Do you offer a free trial period? Sure! For qualified customers, we can offer a free 10-day trial of the software in our demo environment. You can’t enter any real student information (for security reasons), but you can use our test kids and see how it would work in your setting. We even provide you with scenarios to help you explore the software. We just ask that you attend a brief training session, then agree to speak with our team after your trial to let us know how it went.

 How secure is the information? Like Fort Knox! ELMS actually meets or exceeds all requirements for HIPAA and FERPA compliance, ensuring your information is stored and access securely. And, your data is backed up in 3 geographically dispersed data centers in the Microsoft network, ensuring its safety.

How do I access the service? You can access our service from your pc, laptop, or tablet as long as you have an Internet connection. Whether you are in your classroom, at your desk, or working from home, it’s available to you 24/7.

How many students does the monthly fee cover? The pricing is established based on a range of children within your school or district, allowing you to have variances in the number of children without concern about constant changes in cost. Contact us for a specific price for your school.

Can we give other people access to a student’s file, like their counselor, parents, or therapist? Yes, you can add as many people as you like on the software, keeping in mind that FERPA requires that you limit access to the student’s profile only to those who need to see the information. Through our built in roles, you can define administrators, teachers, paras, support staff and parents.

Who owns the records, you or us? The records belong to your school. You can retrieve the information at any time.

Can I print out a hard copy of the student’s records for our files? Yes! We have a number of built-in reports in the system that you can use.

If we cancel the subscription, how do we retrieve our information? You need to contact ABPathfinder within 90 days of cancellation. We will provide your records in a CSV file, containing all the information about your student data. Depending on the size of the file, we can provide this to you electronically or on a CD-ROM.

How long is the contract and how much notice of cancellation is required? Schools and districts may choose from a month-to-month or annual subscription. If you choose month-to-month, we must receive a credit card from the school for charges. If you choose annual, you may pay via check at the beginning of the program.

What happens if we have a problem? Do you offer free support? That’s the beauty of a subscription service. We provide outstanding support throughout the life of your service. Just call or e-mail us!

Do we have to pay for changes or additions to the curriculum? No, this is one of the advantages of using the web-based version of our curriculum. Changes are free! You can actually use the built in Skill Editor to make changes or additions of your own within the software. If we make enhancements to the Eden curricula, we’ll let you know about them and incorporate them into the software for you.