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Eden Autism Assessment and Curriculum Series


The Eden School Series Curriculum provides an expansive range of content for grades Pre-K through 12. It also includes an Assessment module that integrates seamlessly with the Curriculum, making it easy to translate the assessment into concrete IEP goals.

The Eden Autism Assessment provides educators and therapists with a tool that allows for the accurate assessment of a student’s current abilities and skill levels. This assessment identifies a student’s strengths and weaknesses, assists with goal selection, tracks progress, and makes it easy to translate the assessment into concrete IEP goals.

The Eden Autism Curriculum is a comprehensive series of teaching programs designed to provide a valuable resource to enable professionals and parents to effectively teach students with autism. The  Eden Autism Assessment and Curriculum Series reflects the collective experience of Eden faculty over the past four decades of providing comprehensive, individualized services to children and adults with autism.

Employing a hands-on approach, the curriculum includes practical strategies for each teaching program. In addition, each skill area includes a systematic assessment and flow chart to support appropriate goal selection. Teaching programs are clearly written, with step-by-step instructions, and include target behaviors, prerequisite skills, criterion-referenced assessment, measurement, materials, procedures, and prompting techniques.

These programs have been field tested with hundreds of students and adults with autism. Teaching programs are ground in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and address essential skill areas such as cognitive, self-care and domestics, speech and language, vocational, physical education, recreation and leisure, employment, and residential living.

The School Series consists of 5 volumes:

  • Cognitive
  • Speech and Language
  • Vocational Education
  • Self Care/Domestics
  • Physical Education, Recreation, Leisure

Additional Volumes include:

  • Infant and Toddler Curriculum
  • Adult Services

Follow the links below for additional information on the Eden School Series Curriculum:

Eden Curriculum Information Sheet

PDF samples of the Eden Curriculum 

Click Here to download the Curriculum Order Form or call the Outreach Department at (609) 987-0099 ext. 4010.

Eden’s Learning Management System (ELMS is subscription-based,  interactive software tool designed to help educators and therapists working with students with autism.  Developed with Eden’s highly-regarded Assessment and PreK-12 Curriculum, ELMS:

  • Identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses in essential skill areas
  • Assists with goal selection
  • Recommends teaching protocol with a programmatic planning guide
  • Reduces unnecessary paperwork and repetitive tasks
  • Provides real-time collection of data, graphing and reporting on student progress
  • Promotes staff collaboration
  • Easily accessible via the web
  • HIPAA-compliant

In addition, subscribers will have the opportunity to purchase monthly consultation hours and training from Eden’s certified therapy professionals at a highly competitive rate.

For more information, call the Outreach Department at (609) 987-0099 ext. 4010