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Evaluation Services

Eden provides comprehensive evaluation services to accurately identify children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and prescribe treatment options. Conducted at Eden’s facilities and onsite as needed, these services give schools access to a multidisciplinary team of professionals with specific expertise in autism spectrum disorders.

Eden offers the following specific evaluations:

Diagnostic Evaluations

Conducted by Master’s level staff, Eden’s diagnostic evaluations consist of an in-depth parent interview, behavioral observations, and assessment on standardized measures. In addition to an opinion as to diagnosis, these evaluations contain detailed educational, behavioral, and home recommendations.

Speech and Language Evaluations

A Master’s level speech-language pathologist evaluates the individual’s speech, language, and communicative competencies, using both formal and informal assessment tools. Diagnosis and recommendations for remediation are provided.

Learning Evaluations

A Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant evaluates an individual’s cognitive/academic functioning and learning strengths and weaknesses through formal and informal assessments. Specific recommendations are provided.

Comprehensive Skill Assessment

Conducted by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of autism, this assessment details the individual’s level of functioning in all domains. Both standardized and informal measures are used to create an in-depth treatment plan.

Functional Behavior Assessments

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst provides an in-depth assessment of an individual’s behavior. Both formal and informal assessments are utilized to determine the function of behavior. Specific strategies to remediate maladaptive behaviors are prescribed.