Staff Spotlight: Eden School Nurse Sharon Ammirati

It’s been over 20 years since nurse Sharon Ammirati began working with individuals with developmental disabilities, but her love for her job has never waned.

Nurse Sharon Ammirati with a student at the Eden School

“I just fell in love with this population. I like to help people who don’t have a voice,” she said.

Sharon joined Eden as the School Nurse in November. She immediately noticed that the school ran like a well-oiled machine, with all the teachers and staff working together to ensure every child receives the best support and education possible. Chief Program Officer Dr. Rachel Tait said it was apparent that Sharon immediately fit right in at Eden.

“Her transition into Eden and the school was more seamless than I would have imagined,” said Rachel. “Sharon was eager to learn about the students and staff and was able to do so by asking questions, talking to the teachers and parents, and visiting with the students themselves.”

Sharon and her fellow nurses, Saundra Pederson and Natayja Alexander, work closely with teachers and staff. They address students’ health concerns, help students get comfortable being in a doctor’s office and medical setting, and provide support in and out of the classroom. It’s this level of collaboration — one that helps everyone be the best nurse and teacher they can be — that Sharon loves about working at Eden.

“I love just being able to come in and work with Saundra — she’s amazing and teaches me so much,” said Sharon. “We have a good support group to keep our kids happy and safe. My goal is to give them a great day and then do it again the next day.”

(From Left) Eden School Nurses Saundra Pederson, Sharon Ammirati, and Natayja Alexander

There is so much Sharon brings to the Eden School team. “Sharon has a unique mix of an upbeat personality with a calm demeanor, which everyone has responded well to,” said Rachel. “Although she has only been with Eden for six months, how quickly she transitioned into the role makes it seem much longer. We are very grateful that Sharon decided to be a part of our Eden family!”

“Eden is a fun and supportive place,” said Sharon. “We really do work together as a team. All our intentions are to help the kids have the best experience and reach their full potential. Everyone has their hands in one kid’s life, and we all come together to have a positive impact.”