Staff Spotlight: Senior Recruiter Ellen Snowhill

No two days at work are the same for Ellen Snowhill. As the Senior Recruiter for Eden Autism’s Adult Services, she handles everything from job fairs and training classes to coordinating candidate interviews.

Ellen Snowhill

Ellen Snowhill

“At the heart of everything we do is trying to fill open positions with qualified candidates who have the desire and passion to work with individuals with autism,” said Ellen.

Before Ellen joined Eden in 2017, she worked at staffing agencies, primarily in recruiting and sales. This is the first time Ellen has worked at a nonprofit, and it has added a whole new meaning to her work.

“It’s rewarding to help people find a career in general, but I’m also helping the participants get the support they need by hiring quality staff,” said Ellen. “It’s gratifying to know that I helped someone get a job where they are supporting individuals with autism so those men and women can learn and grow and become as independent as possible.”

“It is clear to everyone who meets Ellen that she is passionate about recruiting and she has great enthusiasm for Eden and its mission,” said Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Bizub. “Ellen’s high energy and strong technical skillset allow her to be tenacious for finding talent. She is a positive force who is driven to making a difference at Eden.”

Ellen with her children. When her children attended the 2022 Service Awards, they were happy to be with everyone. Her son even said he wanted to work at Eden one day!

Ellen prides herself on ensuring every detail is in place for new hires to help them know exactly what to expect when they begin working at Eden. The smoother their onboarding and training is, the better care they can provide to the individuals Eden supports, ensuring they are safe, happy, learning, and growing. “I want the participants’ families to feel comfortable knowing there is a team out there recruiting the best people for their loved ones,” she said.

Working with her team to hire new employees and help those employees do their best work at Eden is Ellen’s favorite part of her job. “At the end of the day, I love when the hiring manager says we’ll make the offer and the candidate gets the job,” she said. “Then I know that the program leaders will soon have more staff and the participants will have new support to help with their daily tasks, keep them safe, and enjoy life.