Arts Council of Princeton and Eden Autism partner to increase arts accessibility

The Arts Council of Princeton (ACP) and Eden Autism are proud to announce a new joint program that brings hands-on art to adults with autism. The 12 week trial, which ran over the spring and summer of 2019, has been extended and will now meet weekly at the Art Council’s Paul Robeson Center the Arts in downtown Princeton. Approximately eight of Eden’s participants will partake in the program.

“Our mission of ‘Building Community Through the Arts’ is strengthened with each new partnership,” noted ACP Interim Executive Director Jim Levine. “This partnership extends the joys of creativity and self-expression to adults who may not otherwise have this opportunity at home.”

Professional instructors lead participants through weekly hands-on classes.  Participants are joined by their support staff, who assist the teaching artist on staff.

“We’re very fortunate to have forged a meaningful relationship with the Arts Council of Princeton. Our partnership not only allows our participants to learn new skills, but it shows the community how much individuals with autism can accomplish when they are given the support and opportunities to succeed,” says Michael Decker, President and CEO of Eden Autism Services. “The Arts Council’s staff are caring, professional instructors with a keen sense of the needs and abilities our participants bring to the class.”

“What I find most impressive about this program is that people with a disability who might not otherwise get the opportunity, are learning from professional teaching artists,” noted the mother of a one of the participants. “It’s so impressive what my son has achieved. He’s worked in painting, pottery, textiles, and really enjoys the chance to create.”

The new program began on September 9, 2019 and is open to Eden’s participants.  Volunteers are always welcome. Please contact the Arts Council of Princeton for more information.