Consulting Services for Schools and Agencies

With the goal of providing guidance on “best practices” for autism service delivery, Eden serves in a consulting capacity to public and private schools, state and private agencies, and individual families. Eden’s approach is to foster ownership and stability within the unique environment of the consultation location, assisting each program or family in determining its own objectives and developing strategies to achieve them. Consultations have been provided throughout the United States, as well as internationally. Eden’s consulting services include:

Program Development

Eden assists schools and agencies with the design of best practice services for supporting individuals with autism.

Program Implementation

Eden helps schools and agencies understand and implement best practices, i.e., staff training, assessment, goal development, monitoring of techniques, and quantitative analysis.

Case Management

Eden can oversee the educational plan of an individual or group of individuals.

Program Evaluation

Eden provides evaluation services to schools and agencies serving students with autism.

Expert Testimony

Eden’s professional staff can provide expert testimony on behalf of an individual with autism and their family, a school or other agency or organization.