Our work is not limited to our walls.

In-home Services

Eden offers in-home services to meet the needs of the entire family:

In-Home Parent Support

This service focuses on teaching parents and caregivers how to effectively address home life issues that are often difficult for families with a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Eden’s experienced professionals work with parents and caregivers in the development of realistic goals, then design practical “family-friendly” strategies to reach those goals. Through hands-on demonstration, parents and caregivers can observe and then implement these strategies with the coaching of the Eden professional.

In-Home Intensive Behavioral Support

This service focuses on addressing immediate, specific behavioral challenges that a child or adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder experiences in the home environment. Eden’s professional staff assess the challenge, develop practical strategies to address the situation, and provide training to the parents and caregivers on the implementation of these strategies. This service is intended to be intense and, as such, short-term. Eden’s in-home professionals are supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


We ask that fees for in-home services be paid at the time that services are provided. We accept checks and most credit cards.

Unfortunately, highly variable and inconsistent reimbursement practices from all major insurance carriers have made it impossible to accept insurance funding as a principal or even secondary payment plan. Our insurance expert will be happy to provide you with a paid statement, as well as assistance in completing any forms your insurance company may require, once fees have been paid in full.

We very much appreciate your cooperation and understanding.