Celebrating our #EdenInspires winners!

#EdenInspires is an employee recognition program that is designed to acknowledge our colleagues who go above and beyond their everyday responsibilities and represent the ideals of Eden’s Core Values. We are thrilled to announce the winners of our FY2019 fourth quarter #EdenInspires awards.

Joe Saunders, Adult Services – Residential
Joe believes more by identifying exciting community activities for the participants at Princeton Mews, such as sporting events, amusement parks and live music events, just to name a few.

Briana Anderson, Adult Services – Residential
Briana does what it takes by frequently assisting with participant doctor’s appointments and ensuring Farley house is “walk through ready” at all times.

Desiree Blanchette, Adult Services – Day/Employment
Two of Desiree’s colleagues recognized her for doing what it takes for making sure there’s gas in the vehicle for other co-workers, as well as consistently remaining in communication with parents when doing van runs.

Christine DeHart, The Eden School and Adult Services
Doing what it takes, Christine recommended a Nurse referral for the Eden School on short notice due to an emergency leave of absence.

Alexis Francis, Adult Services – Residential
Alexis frequently does what it takes by traveling to New York City for participant doctor’s appointments, maintaining open lines of communication with parents/guardians, and keeping staff motivated.

Matt Frey, Adult Services – Residential
After two separate floods occurred at Avalon Run, Matt exemplified doing what it takes by making himself available and flexing his schedule to provide exceptional support to the participants, his manager, and the Facilities team while he kept up with his regular supervisor’s responsibilities.

Jasbir Kaur, Adult Services – Day/Employment
Jasbir took the lead in assisting with the health inspection for the new Schalks Crossing location, doing what it takes to ensure the program was up to code.

Aditi Mankar, Adult Services – Day/ Employment
Several of Aditi’s colleagues recognized her for doing what it takes by making herself available on a Sunday when the Day center flooded. In addition, she’s been filling in for ISP coordination due to a leave of absence, as well as providing support to the new Director with the opening of Schalks Crossing.

Antwoine Rice, Adult Services – Residential
Antwoine does what it takes by traveling an hour each morning to help with the van run due to a leave of absence.

Crystal Albin, Adult Services – Day/Employment
Crystal frequently shows compassion to staff by offering emotional support when needed, by engaging in meaningful interactions with participants.

Jennifer Binkley, The Eden School and Nikole Mauger, Clinical Services
Jennifer and Nikole demonstrated genuine compassion to support a colleague during the business day and after hours, spending personal time to show care, concern and kindness.

Erin Bonafede, The Eden School
Erin showed compassion by staying behind with one of her students who wasn’t feeling well to provide comfort until their parent arrived.

Marshay Smith and Ilene Williams–Givens, Adult Services – Residential
Marshay and Ilene showed compassion by taking the lead in caring for a participant who was hospitalized, advocating for her needs, and communicating with her family and other Eden staff.

Patricia Melendez, The Eden School
Patricia worked together by cancelling plans for the afternoon to work EDP due to staff shortages.

Chelsea Napatano, The Eden School
Chelsea worked together with the HR team to assist with the roll-out of StandOut, where she was a true champion who fully embraced the new program.

Genna Schnorrbusch and Anita Weatherington, Adult Services – Day/ Employment
Genna and Anita worked together by making themselves available on a Sunday when the Day center flooded to ensure there was a relocation plan in place when participants arrived the next day.

Pat Welsh, The Eden School
On several occasions, Pat works together by helping out with EDP to ensure students have a smooth transition from the classroom.

Colleen Emerson, The Eden School
Colleen portrays being true by volunteering her time to create new bulletin boards or decorate chalkboards for her classroom.

Chelly Gaines, Adult Services – Day/Employment
Chelly exemplifies being true with her knowledge of participants’ strengths to ensure successful job placements.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you for all that you do for our participants! Staff can nominate next quarter’s winners on the Eden Staff Matters portal.