Eden is committed to doing the right thing, and respecting our participants’ privacy is important to us. Eden is committed to an effective Compliance Program. The purpose of our Compliance Program is to provide guidelines designed to reflect Eden’s commitment to promoting prevention and detection of heath care fraud and resolving potential misconduct in day-to-day operations.

The goals of Eden’s Compliance Program are:
  • Promote Eden’s mission, vision, and core values
  • Provide an understanding of Eden’s compliance requirements to families and staff
  • Provide a process for employees to ask about compliance concerns and for management to
    address them to ensure that Federal and State regulations are enforced.
Contact the Eden’s Compliance Team

If you have questions or concerns related to the Compliance Program, or would like to file a privacy complaint, please contact:

John Zahorsky CHP, CSCS
Compliance and Privacy Officer

Eden Autism
2 Merwick Road, Princeton NJ 08540
609-987-0099 x1013
Eden Compliance Hotline
609-362-9330 or Ext 6700 (internally)

Click here to review Eden’s Notice of Privacy Practices.