Eden participant Sheldon Hooper wins 2019 NJACP Stars Award

New Jersey Assemblyman Daniel Benson presents Sheldon Hooper with a 2019 Stars Award at the NJACP Annual Awards Dinner May 7.

Eden participant Sheldon Hooper was presented with a 2019 NJACP Stars Award May 7 at the Annual Awards Dinner.

Each year NJACP (New Jersey Association of Community Providers) members nominate an individual with an intellectual and/or developmental disability for a Community Star Award. Nominated individuals are chosen for their ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in their daily lives.

Sheldon was chosen to be this year’s Eden award recipient because of the courage and dedication that he demonstrates while working in the community and at the Day Program. Sheldon is an excellent team player and is always willing to assist his peers and staff.

Sheldon came to Eden Autism Services in 2013. He began his journey in the employment field by volunteering throughout his community. This helped him learn skills that lead to his first job at the Hyatt in Princeton, where he worked for two years. He currently works at Central Jersey Basketball and volunteers at Princeton Garden Theater.

Sheldon is passionate about his work, committing himself to completing all tasks that are assigned to him. His sociable personality and work ethic are loved and valued by his peers and coworkers. In addition to the bonds Sheldon has formed at both his jobs, he values his relationships with staff and peers at Eden, as well as with his family members.

Sheldon enjoys coloring, dancing, and taking walks during his leisure time at Eden’s day program. He also plays soccer and basketball at the Special Olympics gym.

Eden and Sheldon’s fellow peers are inspired by his hard work and dedication, and they are proud of his achievement as a 2019 Community Star.