Eden recognizes participants, staff, and families this April

This April, Eden Autism is recognizing the dedicated staff, parents, and community leaders who work with us to help improve the lives of people with autism. Together, we are working to create a more accepting and understanding world for those we love.

A year ago, our world was abruptly turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. But during an immensely difficult year, the Eden community banded together to ensure the children and adults we support remained safe and engaged as they spent more time at home.

Direct Support Professionals volunteered to work extra hours to limit the number of people in the group homes in an effort to limit participants’ exposure to the virus. Teachers worked with families in virtual classrooms to help students continue their programs at home. Local businesses found new ways to connect with us through virtual events and FaceTiming with participants in the supported employment program who could no longer come into the workplace.

Through gestures both big and small, the Eden community showed their support for our participants while navigating a year of uncertainty. As we look to the year ahead and begin to plan for the reopening of many in-person programs, this sense of unity will guide the way for us to make the world a more inclusive place for our friends with autism.

The journey toward full inclusion starts with acceptance, and this journey did not stop when the pandemic began. If anything, it became even more critical as the coronavirus highlighted how critical Eden’s services are.

From advocacy work ensuring individuals with developmental disabilities are not forgotten in pandemic-related legislation to respecting the different ways individuals with autism communicate, we’ll continue our work to create a more inclusive world.