Eden School students have fun while learning new sport

Students at the Eden School have been spending time in gym class learning a rather unique sport — curling.

Lead Adaptive Physical Education Teacher Adam Marcus first saw the curling equipment at a conference and knew it’d be a great activity to bring back to Eden. “I thought it would be a really fun and different activity for the students to work on that combines several of their gross motor skills to achieve a goal,” he said.

To play, the students follow multi-step directions where they have to take a step and then release the curling stone all while trying to aim for the target.

“When I first introduced curling, it was a little hard for some of the students to really understand that they need to aim towards a target,” said Adam. “But a lot of the students have been really receptive to it. They really are enjoying doing such a different activity.”

Adam got the curling equipment from FloorCurl, and he said they were a pleasure to work with. As the students continue to refine their curling skills, the teachers plan to add even more elements to the sport. “I want to get more creative with it and find more games for the students to practice their curling skills,” said Adam.