Hire a Person With Autism Today

Tap into a whole new source of job talent that you never knew existed!

Eden’s model Employment Training Center prepares our participants for the workforce. Through this center, they acquire the job skills they need to be successful at work and to become productive members of their community. We are always looking for potential employers to hire our adults, and will work with your organization to find the right person to fill the job requirements that you have.

When you employ someone with autism, you are joining an impressive group of blue-chip organizations—companies like Walgreens, Microsoft, and SAP—who see the enormous value in hiring people with disabilities.  You may also qualify for federal and state tax incentives.

To learn more, please contact Eden Job Coaches or call 609.987.0099.

Some important elements to know about Eden’s Employment Program:

  • We give careful consideration to skill set and compatibility—with any recruit, they are key to making a good job match.
  • Our job coaches support our participants in their roles, providing on-site training, fading, and follow-along to develop as much independence on the job as possible based on each unique situation.
  • We maintain regular communication with all parties to ensure quality with the goal of reducing supports over time.

Our employers find the unique qualities of a person with autism can make for an exceptional addition to their workplace:

Extreme reliability, a strong work ethic, honesty, focused effort, logical thinking, greater attention to details, and an exceptional ability to memorize are just a few of the traits of an individual with autism, which make for an excellent employee.

Individuals with autism excel at following directions, going step-by-step without becoming bored or skipping details when a task becomes routine. They are loyal, dependable employees who have an affinity for structured environments and precise outcomes.

There’s a lot of pride and camaraderie that comes with observing and helping a co-worker with a disability to achieve their goals—and, evidence shows that employees experience a more gratifying and productive workplace as a result. Make that your workplace!

“Zach and Sammy have been working at Salt Creek Grille for 3 years. They are wonderful workers and with the help of Eden job coaches, they have grown a great deal, taking on more complicated tasks and work than I ever expected! I look forward to continuing to be a part of their growth. Their future is very bright.”

Thank You!

Here are just a few of the companies and local businesses that Eden has fostered employment opportunities with:


Hamilton Jewelers

Mercer County Equestrian Center


Plainsboro Public Library

Princeton Garden Theater

Princeton Windows

Rheumatology Center of Princeton

Salt Creek Grille

Special Olympics of New Jersey

Van Leeuwen and Company LLC