West Windsor Arts classes help Eden participants tap into their creativity

Paul working on his collage during a West Windsor Arts class.

During a recent art class, Paul was eager to pick out materials from a bin filled with felts, ribbons, and other colorful fabrics. He added the fabrics to his canvas in several ways, giving his piece a unique 3D design. The art teachers were impressed with his creativity, and Paul was proud to show off his finished collage.

Paul and his peers in our adult day program are learning to express themselves through art during classes with the West Windsor Arts Council. Classes are held three times a month, twice at the West Windsor Arts Center and once at an Eden day services location.

Audrey Jakab, a teacher with West Windsor Arts, said all the projects are designed to be inclusive to ensure everyone can participate, regardless of their previous experience or ability. Each week, the individuals work on a new project ranging from painting and imprints to collages and coloring.

Individuals in our adult services program work on collages, paintings, and various other mediums during West Windsor Arts classes.

“We are thrilled to witness the transformative power of art in our partnership with Eden’s Adult Services program,” said Aylin Green, Executive Director, West Windsor Arts Council. “Through our inclusive classes, we aim to foster creativity and self-expression, allowing individuals like Paul to explore diverse art mediums. It’s a joy to see their vibrant creations, showcasing the beauty of their artistic journeys.”

The classes allow men and women in Eden’s Adult Services program to experience working with different art mediums. The teachers guide them through each project while encouraging each individual to put their own unique spin on their work. 

“We have had this partnership for several years now and always look forward to working with them,” said Bridgette Connolly, Director of Day and Employment Services. “I enjoy seeing many of the pieces hung throughout the centers, as they are always so beautiful and unique. While several of our participants are very skilled in coloring, it’s always impressive to see what else they can create with the other mediums provided.”