Celebrating our staff and participants at the 2022 Eden Autism Service Awards

More than 400 people attended the 2022 Eden Autism Service Awards to celebrate the heart of Eden’s mission — our participants and staff. 

Two men, Eden's President & CEO Michael Decker and the Chairman of the Board Paul Prior, present an award to an individual in Eden's adult day program.

25 individuals in our adult program were honored during the award ceremony!

50 staff members and 25 participants were honored during the award ceremony for hitting a 5-year milestone within the organization. Whether someone has been with us for 5 years or 35 years, their time at Eden has helped our community grow and flourish. 

Several big milestones were celebrated this year! Three individuals — Paul, Mark, and Craig — celebrated 35 years in our Adult Services day and employment program. Facilities Manager John Gennuso also celebrated his 30th work anniversary during the event.

Three additional staff members were honored for their dedication to the children and adults we serve. Teaching Assistant Giselle Lobo, Assistant Center Supervisor Tiasha Gore, and Residential Supervisor Victor Cruickshank received the Kristin Ann Culley Award for Faculty Excellence. 

Two of Eden's teachers pose with a former student who is now in the day program.

The event was a great time for staff to reconnect with Eden participants and families from across programs.

The goal of the Service Awards is to honor the staff and participants who are the cornerstone of our mission to improve the lives of people with autism one individual at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time. The Service Awards committee would like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of these incredible individuals, as well as the staff and participant honorees who make working at Eden a remarkable experience.