Eden Adult Day Services

Building upon progress that was made during the school years, we work with adults to continue developing behaviors and skills that support community engagement and employment. While not every individual is able to be or chooses to be employed, the day program is weighted toward vocational training and securing employment opportunities.

Eden’s Day Program Services Include:

Eden prepares adults for employment, based upon their skills and abilities

We place a major emphasis on teaching the skills necessary to enable every adult participant to have some level of employment, even those participants for whom autism presents the most significant challenges. 

Supported Employment – participants work in the community under the supervision of an Eden job coach.  Examples include working in a convenience store, providing clerical support in a physician’s office, carrying out cleaning services, performing data entry, etc.

Competitive Employment – participants have demonstrated the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.  Participants are dropped off and picked up from work.

Most of the adults who attend Eden’s day program are employed in the community. Local restaurants, retailers, physicans’ offices, and financial advisors represent just a few of the area businesses that realize the value of employing individuals with developmental disabilities.

Services provided to our adults through Eden’s Vocational Training and Employment
Program include:

Pre-Vocational Training

This service teaches skills that promote effective and appropriate communication with co-workers and customers, the ability to follow directions and attend to task, problem solve, and work safely. Training is delivered in classroom-style settings or in the community.

Eden offers a variety of opportunities for participants to practice skills in venues such as our mini-convenience stores, job clubs, computer classes, and volunteer experiences.

Supported Employment — Individuals

This service is designed for participants who require assistance to obtain and sustain employment – in an individual job – in an integrated work setting. Supported Employment includes but is not limited to job sight analysis, job development, and on-sight job coaching. The goal of this individualized service is to fully integrate the participant into the employment setting and to ensure that the rate of pay is commensurate with that of typical co-workers. Individual employment supports include training and systematic instruction, job coaching, job development, and job site analysis.

Supported Employment — Groups

Supported employment services and training are provided to participants at local business, industry, and community settings in groups of two to eight participants. The goal is to promote integration in the workplace and interaction with neuro-typical peers.. Services include but are not limited to job placement, job development, job analysis, training and systematic instruction, job coaching, negotiation with prospective employers, benefit support, and travel training.

Career Planning

This is a person-centered, comprehensive service through which an individual may obtain their first job, advance in their current job placement, or find a new career opportunity. Available to individuals receiving Supported Employment Services, this program is meant to engage the participant in helping to identify general vocation opportunities and develop a plan for achieving the next step in their career. Examples include:

  • Situational Assessments; Job Sampling
  • Job Preference Inventories
  • Identification of career options/job matches

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