Autism Awareness Month: Recognizing the power of community during extraordinary times

Every year, Eden spends month of April recognizing Autism Awareness Month with our participants and their families.  Despite changes to our approach in response to the coronavirus, this year will be no exception. There are too many stories to tell of the many outstanding individuals with autism who inspire us each and every day.

For 45 years, Eden Autism has worked with parents and community leaders to create a more accepting and understanding world for those we love. We know that the journey toward full inclusion begins with acceptance, and we will continue to work alongside our families to create a more inclusive world for individuals with autism during this extraordinary time.

Now more than ever, we remain committed to carrying out our mission. Our residences remain open, providing 24/7 services and care for the men and women we support, our adult staff continue to provide assistance to our day families, and our teachers are still helping our students and families learn daily living skills through our virtual learning system.

It is through an incredible display of commitment, energy, and creativity that our staff have risen to the challenges brought about by the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in. As we look to the days ahead, we may not know when things will return to normal, but we do know that we will work together with our families every step of the way to ensure that the individuals we support continue to receive the highest quality of services.

We ask that you join us as we recognize Autism Awareness Month by sharing your journey. From small moments of joy to life changing victories, we want to celebrate all that our participants do in an effort to create more opportunities for an inclusive world.

Use the hashtag #EdenInspires to share stories, moments, photos, or videos that highlight the awesomeness of someone you know with autism. Follow us on social media and check our website all month long for stories from our families, staff, and community.

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