Celebrating the new #EdenInspires winners

#EdenInspires is an employee recognition program that is designed to acknowledge our colleagues who go above and beyond their everyday responsibilities and represent the ideals of Eden’s Core Values. We are thrilled to announce the winners of our FY2020 first quarter #EdenInspires awards.

Brittany Bosi, Clinical Services
Brittany did what it takes by stepping in to cover behavioral concerns at the Eden School due to staff shortages to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Deidre Burgess, Adult Services – Residential
Deidre did what it takes by demonstrating initiative to empty out the garage, organize participants clothing, and make a list of items needed in order to ensure Nicholas House is always at 100%.

Josh Catalfamo, Facilities
Josh did what it takes by making himself readily available with little notice at times, to ensure the new Schalks Crossing Day Center was ready to open.

Ellen Snowhill, Human Resources
Ellen continues to demonstrate that she will do what it takes to get staff hired for Adult Services. She frequently communicates with candidates via text and email after hours and during the weekends to ensure applicants are processed quickly.

Dwayne Hill, Adult Services – Residential
While visiting the day center, Dwayne worked together with another supervisor who was tending to an adult participant who had an accident in the restroom by assisting with the clean-up, which allowed the supervisor to focus on the participant. 

Larry Monaco, Facilities and Jim Stanmore, Information Technology
Larry and Jim frequently work together with HR and Program by always assisting at Eden’s job fairs – from room and video setup, greeting candidates, and dismantling and getting the room ready for the next day. They show up beforehand, and are the last ones to leave.

Mia Rosa, Adult Services – Day/Employment
Mia showed compassion to two adult participants who had seizures within the same week, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Hydia Giddens, Adult Services – Day/ Employment
Hydia portrays being true by providing support to adult participants at volunteer placements, and she frequently receives positive feedback from many employers about her enthusiasm and support of Eden’s participants.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you for all that you do for our participants! Staff can nominate next quarter’s winners on the Eden Staff Matters portal.