Special Olympics bowling team wins outstanding program award

Mercer Bowlers 2, a Mercer County Special Olympics bowling team that features many of Eden’s adult participants, was recently honored with the 2019 Outstanding Program Award.

The award honors the local training program that goes above and beyond in providing opportunities for their athletes.  

The Mercer County Special Olympics Award Selection Committee selected Mercer Bowlers 2 as the recipient of the award to acknowledge the program’s constant support for coaches and athletes as well as the overall administrative completeness of the program.

Starting in November, team members gather together every Wednesday for bowling practice. You don’t have to be at a practice for long to feel the participants’ excitement as they take turns bowling. “You can see the smiles on their faces,” said Ken Dorfman, Lead Teacher at the Eden School. “You can even tell by their body language. They move their bodies as the ball is about to hit the pins. They’re really excited when they get a strike or spare.”

Most importantly, bowling gives Eden’s participants — and all Special Olympics athletes — a sense of independence. “I think the biggest thing we’ve seen is how independent they are,” said Dorfman. “The coaches aren’t allowed to go on the lanes with them during events, so they do everything. They’re looking up for their name on the screen, and they go up when it’s their turn. They’re doing it all by themselves.” 

Helping our participants learn skills that enable them to be engaged and fulfilled in all ares within the community is at the very core of Eden’s mission. Congratulations to the Mercer Bowlers 2 athletes and coaches for receiving the Outstanding Program Award.