NEW! Infant-Toddler Training Series for Parents & Professionals

Join us this January as Eden’s Outreach Department launches our new parent training series!

This 4-part series of workshops is designed for parents and caregivers of young children with Autism, behavioral concerns, communication deficits, and/or other developmental delays. Early Childhood professionals are also welcome.

Jan 31stJoint Attention & Meaningful Play, presented by Laura Senf-Shagon, M.S., BCBA
What is joint attention, and why is it so important? In this session we’ll focus on how to facilitate joint attention, eye contact, and increased social interaction during play. Learn how to choose toys to encourage meaningful play – and how to incorporate imaginative, cooperative, and role play into everyday activities – in order to foster social and emotional development, imagination, and language.

TBAManaging Meltdowns, presented by Jessica Burns-Caravella, M.A.
In this session we’ll talk about teaching replacement skills & appropriate behaviors, developing strategies to avoid & reduce meltdowns, and using positive praise and prompting to shape your child’s behaviors. Incorporating choice-making and naturally occurring teaching moments will also be discussed.

TBAPotty Training & Self Care, presented by Jennifer Binkley, M.Ed., BCBA
This session will discuss how to know when your child is ready, what type of potty/underwear to use, when and how to introduce potty training. Learn about reinforcement, training schedules, and how to plan for success. We’ll also cover self-care skills such as early steps of dressing and tooth-brushing.

TBACommunication & Social Skills, presented by Christine DeHart, M.A., CCC-SLP
Let’s talk! Our third session is all about communication and social skills. Early communication skills including eye contact, joint attention, and gestures will be discussed. Learn about shaping, prompting, visual supports, and other tools and strategies for increasing your child’s communication skills. We’ll also talk about identifying and using naturally occurring temptations and situations such as “teachable moments.”

Where & When:
6:00 – 8:00PM
Eden Autism Services, 2 Merwick Rd, Princeton NJ 08540

$35 – Individual Workshop

Pre-registration is required.

Save your seat today! Contact Lauren McAllister, Outreach Manager, at 609-987-0099 ext. 4015 or email Outreach.