NRG contributes to Eden Autism’s mission to better lives

A long-term supporter of Eden Autism and the essential work they do, NRG is proud to contribute to the amazing programs and services Eden provides to the autism community. Understanding the impact that Eden makes in the lives of individuals with autism, through every stage of life, NRG continues to be a dedicated supporter and sponsor of Eden’s annual 5K and Fun Run/Walk.

An integrated power company headquartered in Princeton, NJ and Houston, TX., NRG operates numerous lines of business, including power generation, and provides gas and electric retail services to 3.7 million residential and commercial customers throughout North America.

However, for NRG, their organization is more than power they produce, or the products and solutions they provide to their customers. NRG—with the guidance of their CSR program, positiveNRG— is a dedicated actor and positive contributor to the communities in which they live and serve. By partnering with passionate nonprofits, NRG has been able to do more, making a positive impact in the lives of those they call neighbors. 

For 45 years, from a rented church basement to a model education and outreach center, Eden Autism has been dedicated to improving the lives of people with autism. From early childhood development to adult services, the organization has developed a broad scope of programs and services that are helping to better the lives of people with autism, personally, professionally, and societally. Partnering with Eden Autism has given NRG the opportunity to take part in making life better for those affected by autism, providing resources for the families of children with autism, providing guidance and curriculum for schools looking to educate students with autism, and advocating for a better societal understanding of what being on the autism spectrum really means.

“We are grateful for NRG’s commitment to our shared community. Eden’s mission to improve the lives of individuals with autism would not be possible without support from corporate citizens and friends like NRG,” said Eden Autism President and CEO Michael Decker. 

At the heart of Eden’s mission, is a fight for inclusion. Organizations like Eden Autism remind society that conversations around diversity and inclusion must include and increase understanding of the discrimination faced by people with disabilities. To NRG, Eden’s mission is representative of the need for a societal push towards an inclusivity that dissembles racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism and evaluates people’s worth based on merit, and the distinctive perspectives that they bring to the table.

“There is continued recognition that corporations—much like society—continue to struggle on their journey towards equity and inclusivity in the workplace,” said Jennifer Brunelle, Senior Director, PositiveNRG.When discussing diversity and inclusion as implementable, what organizations are striving to achieve is not only the acceptance of difference, but a true valuing of the different perspectives, opinions, concepts, and ideas that comes from a diverse workforce. That’s why all of us at NRG remain dedicated to contributing to organizations that are working hard to improve the lives of those struggling against inequitable adversity.”

NRG is working hard to be a place of inclusion where every voice matters; where employee differences are celebrated; and diversity is championed. In supporting an organization whose goal is “to provide a comprehensive spectrum of services designed to enable individuals with autism to lead fulfilling, productive and engaged lives in their communities, to the full extent of their abilities,” NRG believes it is contributing to a push towards a society where individuals with autism have the same opportunities as everyone else.

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