The Eden School honors the Class of 2021 during homecoming celebration

The Eden School recently honored the Class of 2021 with a socially distant Homecoming celebration. 

Artur aka “Tuca,” Chase, Louis, and Tommy wore the traditional homecoming crowns and sashes to celebrate their achievements. These students, along with their classmate Liam, are set to graduate from the Eden School at the end of the academic year.

“This class is really special,” said Lead Teacher Ken Dorfman. “They’ve made tremendous progress working out in the community, and they’ve really progressed program-wise and behavior-wise.”

It’s a bittersweet moment for teachers and staff to see students enter their last year at the Eden School. While they’re happy to see how much they’ve grown and overcome since they first came to the school, they will miss seeing the students in the halls and interacting with them in the virtual classroom.

“It doesn’t matter how many years the students have been here, you feel a special closeness with the kids and their families,” said Ken. “Especially this year, through the virtual classroom these families have brought us into their homes every day.”

As the students move onto their next chapter — which for many will be Eden’s adult program — teachers know that these students will continue to accomplish spectacular things both out in the community and at home.