Celebrating our #EdenInspires winners for Q1 FY21!

#EdenInspires is an employee recognition program that is designed to acknowledge our colleagues who go above and beyond their everyday responsibilities and represent the ideals of Eden’s Core Values. We are thrilled to announce the winners of our FY21 first quarter #EdenInspires awards.

Jennifer Binkley — The Eden School
Jen believed more by working extra during the School closure to provide new and different ways for staff to continue to grow professionally through Google Classroom— this allowed them to be part of the professional development research. She also helped to boost staff morale by sending “shout-outs” and birthday notifications.

Caroline Doe — Residential Services
Caroline does what it takes on a consistent basis, frequently going above and beyond her regular job responsibilities. Even on days that she may not be feeling her best, Caroline still manages to lend a hand to her co-workers whenever needed.

Kelly Dunn — The Eden School
Kelly did what it takes to get her classroom ready for the students to return to school by making sure it was still a bright, fun, and exciting place for the students to come and learn. She prepared individual bags of special toys and treats for the students to help make their transition back into school a more positive experience.

Babajide Lawal — Residential Services
Babajide does what it takes by his willingness to cover a shifts, as well as assisting frequently with medical appointments. His readiness to step in for others when needed is greatly appreciated by his colleagues and management.

Pat O’Brien — Finance
Pat did what it takes to ensure the Medicaid billing for July & August 2019 claims were approved at a higher rate after the time period passed by working together with Beth Lo to meet the submission deadline. As a result, additional revenue was generated for Eden’s Adult Services programs.

A’isha Sadiq — Residential Services
A’isha does what it takes on a daily basis by always being there to provide coverage. Additionally, she provides support to staff to ensure tasks and goals are completed, and she takes the time to listen to ideas in order to provide a pleasant work environment.

Krystina Santos — Day & Employment Services
Krystina does what it takes by working to ensure the group home where she is working is cleaned and sanitized at the end of her shift; this includes door handles, light switches, cabinet doors, furniture, pens, keyboard, mouse, etc. 

Monica Donohue — The Eden School
Monica did what it takes for students by delivering augmentative devices to their home, assisting parents to program their devices, and helping them to work effectively with their children. She also showed compassion by playing the guitar for one of Eden’s new students even though she didn’t know how to play! 

Dara Blatt — The Eden School
Dara works together with staff to ensure everyone is comfortable and unified. In addition, she provides positive feedback on a regular basis, making staff feel appreciated, and is always there to assist whenever needed.

Natasha McCrae — Residential Services
Natasha worked together with the supervisor at Nicholas House to cover shifts when needed and frequently assist with doctor’s appointments. Most recently, when a staff member was struggling with one of the participants getting dressed, Natasha stepped in to assist, and took the time to explain to the other staff how to get the participant dressed.

Kelley Morris — Adult Services, Speech
Kelley exemplified being true by conducting a participant’s virtual session by flashlight due to a power outage. She was creative in adapting the lesson to compensate for losing some of the online materials typically used.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you for all that you do for our participants! Staff can nominate next quarter’s winners on the Eden Staff Matters portal.