This April, Eden Autism is recognizing all modes of communication

Every day at Eden, the children and adults we support express their wants and needs to staff, smile with their peers, and make requests for their favorite items and activities. These moments of communication may seem small to some, but within the autism community, they are a triumph.

This April, we are raising awareness and acceptance of the variety of ways individuals with autism communicate. A minimally verbal individual can communicate using an iPad, pictures, or sign language. Multi-modal communication is the key to helping individuals express themselves and interact with the world around them.

Whether it is an adult participant learning to use an iPad to ask for a snack or a student developing their pragmatic language skills, every bit of communication is a victory. We will be sharing these victories, and the details of how we help individuals learn to communicate, in an effort to raise awareness of different communication modes and acceptance of individuals who use them.

Join us as we share these stories all month long. We encourage you to share your own autism journey or share an Eden story. Together we can create a more accepting and understanding world for those we love.