A lifetime of support at Eden Autism

Michelle first joined Eden when she was just two years old. Since then, she has graduated, secured volunteer placements, and moved into an Eden residence. Throughout her entire life, Eden staff were there to support not just Michelle but her entire family.

Michelle celebrates her birthday with her family.

“They were always there for us,” said Maria, Michelle’s mom. “No matter what our hurdle was, they were there to help us get over it.”

Staff helped Michelle with everything from haircuts and dentist appointments to her first communion. When she was struggling with getting ready for school in the morning, a teacher came over early
in the morning to help her get on the school bus.

“As a parent, there are a lot of things you just expect your kids are going to do, but not in the world of autism—everything is a challenge,” said Maria.

“They helped her learn all those daily skills that are so important for a family. We can take her on vacation. We can sit in a restaurant. She does things with the boys in our family, and I don’t think that would have been possible without Eden’s support.”

From Michelle’s school years to adulthood living in an Eden residence, her parents know that she will always be supported at Eden. “Eden makes sure to get the most out of your child and make them the best they can be,” said Mark, Michelle’s father.

“The staff has always amazed us,” said Maria. “We’re parents. We don’t have a choice. Staff choose this path, and it just means the world to us. I know she is in good hands,” said Maria.