Celebrating our #EdenInspires winners for the first half of FY23!

#EdenInspires is an employee recognition program designed to acknowledge our colleagues who go above and beyond their everyday responsibilities and represent the ideals of Eden’s Core Values. We are thrilled to announce the winners of our FY23 first and second-quarter #EdenInspires awards.

Jessica Cassera — The Eden School
Jessica believed more by creating new, motivating materials for her student. This included games and print-outs of the student’s interests, which were used to expand vocabulary and grammar usage. In addition, she conducted speech sessions in different locations since the student had difficulty in transitioning.

Davee Binda — Adult Services, Day/Employment
Davee does what it takes by being a team player on a daily basis. He ensures participants are safe at all times, assists with behaviors as needed, and has taken the time to build rapport with all of the participants at Clayton Center which has proven to be an asset during crisis situations. 

Alyssa Coriasco —The Eden School
Alyssa does what it takes by providing support to her colleagues without hesitation. Most recently, Alyssa stepped in to assist with a difficult behavior to ensure the safety and care of the student. She executed the behavior support plan with extreme professionalism. 

Matt Frey — Adult Services, Residential
Matt exemplifies doing what it takes on a daily basis, both on shift and off. From taking the participants to medical appointments, providing support to staff, and showing how much he cares for Eden’s participants at all times. 

Cendrine Joseph — Adult Services, Residential
Cendrine does what it takes by going above and beyond on a regular basis without being asked. She works extra shifts, takes the initiative to ensure the group home is clean at all times and has even organized the participants’ closets. In addition, she shows compassion by looking for ways to bring comfort to our participants.

Brooks Sanders — Adult Services, Day/Employment 
When a participant was choking, Brooks stepped into action and did what it takes by administering first aid/back blows, which dislodged the item the participant was choking on. 

Charlena Williams — Adult Services, Residential
Charlena stepped in for her supervisor during a leave of absence and did what it takes by working additional hours to ensure stability in the group home. She provided continuous support to participants and families with great care and customer service. 

Walter Dunn — Adult Services, Residential
Walter worked together with staff due to vacancies to ensure participants were supported and still had the ability to enjoy experiences in the community. In addition, he believes more by frequently seeking opportunities that he knows our participants will enjoy. For example, going to the YMCA for swimming, visiting farms and festivals, going to see holiday lights, dining out, bowling, and much more! 

Shaquoya Turner — Adult Services, Day/Employment
Shaquoya consistently works together with her supervisors to assist whenever needed. Without hesitation, she steps in to assist in running programs, administer medications, and provide program oversight. 

Amanda Anderson — Adult Services, Day/Employment
Amanda consistently steps up to show compassion and provides exceptional care to the participants at Schalk’s Crossing. She is always willing to assist with doctors’ appointments and emergency situations and effectively communicates between the group home and Day program.

Priscilla Henderson — Adult Services, Day/Employment
Priscilla demonstrated compassion and care by providing exceptional support to a participant who had an accident at work by transporting him to urgent care and staying with him the entire time. 

Dominque Sanders — Adult Services, Day/Employment
When an Eden employee passed away, Dominque showed compassion by working closely with the employee’s family to help plan and raise funds for the funeral service. In addition, she sang at both services held for the employee and provided comfort to staff and participants that were close with him. 

Adeyinka Lawal — Adult Services, Residential
Adeyinka is a true advocate of Eden’s mission and its participants, which is demonstrated by her dedication to help others no matter the circumstance. She finds good qualities in every participant, and when dealing with challenging behaviors, she will find the right words to make your day better. 

Sarah Rodriguez — The Eden School
Sarah stays true to Eden’s mission by providing exceptional customer service and support to her students by being patient, calm, and kind during all interactions. In addition, as a newer staff member, she asks questions and seeks clarification in order to learn Eden’s teaching strategies, and has taken the time to build a good rapport with her students. 

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you for all that you do for our participants! Staff can nominate next quarter’s winners on the Eden Staff Matters portal.