Celebrating our #EdenInspires winners for the second half of FY23!

#EdenInspires is an employee recognition program designed to acknowledge our colleagues who go above and beyond their everyday responsibilities and represent the ideals of Eden’s Core Values. We are thrilled to announce the winners of our FY23 third and fourth-quarter #EdenInspires awards.

Tyree Hendryx — Adult Services, Day/Employment
Tyree believed more by creating a bond with one of his participants in order to engage him to go out into the community. Due to this relationship, the participants began to request to go out spontaneously! In addition, Tyree works together with staff by assisting with doctor’s appointments, as well as his willingness to assist clinical staff with new techniques or strategies.

Kaitlyn Amato — The Eden School
Kaitlyn does what it takes by assisting staff with progress reports and correcting teaching data and behavior data sheets. She came into the office two days during break to help rearrange the classroom and get things set up for the summer program. In addition, she frequently arrives to work early to ensure everything is ready for the day.

Alaina Kaplan — The Eden School
Alaina is being recognized by several of her colleagues for doing what it takes on a daily basis, especially when the Lead Teacher was out of the office. She provided leadership and support to staff not only in her classroom, but in other classrooms, organized an art project, and trained to work with a new student who has dietary needs. 

Raj Singh — Adult Services, Day/Employment
Raj did what it takes by assisting to find coverage in residential and taking the lead to ensure Therap assignments were accounted for in the absence of a supervisor. In addition, he developed a rapport with a highly behavioral participant and worked with staff to coach them on strategies to ensure he is actively engaged in order to reduce behaviors. Raj was also proactive in reaching out to IT and maintenance to follow up on requests, assisted with groceries, etc.

Victor Tax De Leon — Facilities
Victor is being recognized by numerous staff for doing what it takes and providing excellent customer service daily. He takes initiative and doesn’t wait to be asked before completing a task. He will drop everything and is always willing to help, even if it’s not his responsibility. In addition, Victor engages with students and staff, always has a smile on his face, and shows kindness to everyone he encounters. He was also a great help for the end-of-year barbecue.

Keerthana Varadhan — Human Resources
Keerthana did what it takes and streamlined the onboarding process to make it more efficient and productive by setting up the many forms and background check requirements via DocuSign, which has become a huge timesaver.

Adeola Aladejare and Rukayat Oloko — Adult Services, Residential
Adeola and Rukayat work together to ensure their participants’ success during vocational training by developing tangible skills with the goal of gainful employment. Rukayat is a natural teacher, while Adeola frequently can redirect participants who may be having a hard time.

Brittany Carroll — Adult Services, Day/Employment 
Brittany worked together during a transition period at Bendas Center when a participant was having a hard time with the changes and volunteered to cover his job placement each day. This allowed for consistency and ensured the participant’s success. 

Dionne Eke — Adult Services, Residential
LaQuira Smith — Adult Services, Day/Employment
Dionne and LaQuira worked together and provided support to a participant with extreme behavioral challenges at a medical appointment, which made it possible for the testing to get completed for the participant.

Mark Elberfeld — Adult Services, Speech
Mark continuously works together with his team to ensure participants receive their speech sessions and has even reached out to a parent about picking up a little later to squeeze in a session. He engages with participants during their sessions, and frequently joins participants outside for a walk. He will step in to do any task that may be needed before being asked and is always checking in with colleagues to ask about their overall wellness. 

Kevin Greczek —The Eden School
Kevin has gone above and beyond by working together with his coworkers by assisting whenever needed. This has included helping in the bathroom, being flexible, and switching students when needed, and lending support during a behavior. 

Banessa Merrick — Adult Services, Day/Employment 
Banessa works together with new staff to provide training in order to ensure Therap data is being completed correctly, which is instrumental to ensure billing is submitted on time and accurately. 

Prince Owens — Adult Services, Residential
Prince worked together and stepped in to help with a behavior at the end of the Eden family picnic with a participant having challenging behaviors who was from a different program. Due to Prince helping, the participant was successfully able to get in the van and carry on with their day.

Emily Piromalli — The Eden School
Emily is being recognized by several colleagues for consistently working together by providing support to staff outside of her regular job duties, assisting with student behaviors, and providing coverage due to staff shortages. In addition, she assisted staff in writing progress reports, as well as troubleshooting a student’s program to help with a modification. 

Ellen Snowhill — Human Resources
Ellen has exemplified working together in all aspects of recruitment efforts. She collaborates with Eden leaders, prospective job candidates, and external recruitment professionals in order to attract, hire, and retain high-quality new staff! Her efforts have resulted in a decrease in vacancies in the Adult Services programs by approximately 50% during FY23! In addition, she consistently led efforts to improve our recruitment and marketing strategies and was instrumental in the rollout of a new applicant tracking system through ADP in order to streamline the recruitment process. In addition, she provides prospective Eden employees with the information they need to ensure a successful onboarding process. 

Ray Stansen — Facilities
Ray portrays working together daily. He takes initiative to learn a new task that he may not be familiar with, assists others whenever needed, and aspires to always achieve the best outcome, all the while with a positive and friendly demeanor.

Jamal Taylor — Adult Services, Residential
Jamal showed compassion by jumping into action when a participant had their first seizure. He was able to identify something was wrong due to his many years of building a rapport with the participant, all the while keeping him safe and calm as he called 9-1-1. 

Zoe Karras — The Eden School
Zoe did what it takes by helping to clean up after a student who had an accident on the bus without hesitation.

Shantia Jackson, Zyasia Penix, Sheala Warren, Ajaniq Wiggins — Adult Services, Residential
Shantia, Zyasia, Sheala, and Ajaniq showed compassion to a parent who asked to spend time with her daughter before a medical procedure. While at the parent’s house, staff took pictures and enforced positive feedback in order to keep the participant engaged. 

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you for all that you do for our participants! Staff can nominate next quarter’s winners on the Eden Staff Matters portal.